First person POV + Time lapse + Stabilization = Hyperlapse

Microsoft Research shares news of the new video stabilization technology, Hyperlapse:

We present a method for converting first-person videos, for example, captured with a helmet camera during activities such as rock climbing or bicycling, into hyper-lapse videos, i.e., time-lapse videos with a smoothly moving camera.

The results are impressive. This is what it must feel like to be Superman on his way home from picking up milk at the corner store.

So when will it be available?

We are working hard on making our Hyperlapse algorithm available as a Windows app. Stay tuned!


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4 tips for working with Trello

What is Trello?

Think of Trello as an endless bulletin board where tasks, ideas and notes can be organized in columns.

Okay, I’ll admit: not so sexy. But Trello has the power to change the way you think about your projects. Promise.

I’ve been using Trello for about a year to manage a variety of projects: websites, events, new business ideas and — fittingly enough — blog posts. I’ve picked up a few tips along the way to help you get more from this amazing tool.

(Oh, and it’s free.)

To share or not to share

Trello can be used collaboratively or alone, privately or publicly. It’s up to you, and there are no cheesy pricing schemes attached to your choice.

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A year with Simple: An honest appraisal

I’m a chronic early adopter. I sign up for betas without really understanding why I’m signing up. I throw myself at new software like a zealot, prostrate before the gods of technology.

So when I heard about an online-only bank that promised to put user experience (UX) at the center of their business model, I couldn’t resist. I signed up to be one of Simple’s earliest customers back in May of 2011. I finally got my invite in August of 2012. I’ve been a Simple customer ever since.

What follows is my experience using Simple as my primary bank over the past year. It’s critical and honest, and I hope it’ll be useful if you’re thinking of making the leap.

The Basics

Simple is not budget software or a financial service. Simple is a bank.  Their hope is that Simple replaces your current bank completely.

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