Establishment for the Greater Good

Co-creator, Executive Producer

Part internship program, part non-profit, EGG fostered recruitment and retention while raising awareness for social causes. 

Created as an internal initiative by Emmy-award winning production company Psyop, EGG participants were recruited from top animation schools around the world and mentored by some of the best creative minds in the industry. 

Psyop's Pakorn Bupphavesa dreamed up EGG as a way to educate the next generation of storytellers while doing some good in the world.

Inspired by Pakorn's idea, producer Ave Carillo and I helped him flesh it out as a sustainable business initiative. Together we pitched EGG to Psyop's partners and launched the pilot program in 2012.

"Nightmare: Malaria"

In 2013, EGG teamed up with the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), one of the highest rated charities on, to spread their message about the life-saving benefits of mosquito nets. 

Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon gave a gripping read of the script. That year's crop of eight EGG students worked hard for 12 weeks to do her performance justice.

Style frame for "Nightmare: Malaria" by Pedro Lavin

Companion game for iOS and Android

Working in parallel with the students, I helped lead a team of developers and designers to create a native mobile game that expanded upon the animation's storyline and drove home the horrors of malaria.

Still from "Nightmare: Malaria" for Android


“Nightmare” PSA

Director, Founder / Pakorn Bupphavesa

EGG Co-Creators / Ave Carrillo, Justin Cone

Executive Producer / Lucia Grillo

“Nightmare” Director / Marco Spier, Marie Hyon

Writer / Kelly Girth

Narration / Susan Sarandon

Student Participants / Viraj Ajmeri, Michael Altman, Minsuk Choi, Hyejin June Hong, Pedro Lavin, Stephanie Lin, Garrett O’Neal, Anne Yang

Psyop Mentors / Samantha Ballardini, Chris Bach, Zed Bennett, Ben Chan, Eric Chou, Jonah Friedman, Andy Hara, Lauren Indovina, Bo Kim, Kitty Lin, Ryan Moran, Pat Porter, Parzival Rothlein

Music, Sound Design / Q Department

Sound Recording / Color NY

“Nightmare” iOS Game

Game Development and Design / Brian Kehrer, Jordan Harvey

Art Direction / Naomi Chen

Executive Producer / Lucia Grillo

Executive Producer / Justin Cone

Producer / Ave Carrillo

Concept Art / Pedro Lavin

3D Animation / Stephanie Russell, Eric Chou

Design / Alexander Dietrich

2D Animation / Sean Martin

User Interface / Will Adams

Editing / Cass Vanini

VFX / Fabio Piparo

Modeling / Bryan Eck, Alexander Dietrich

Rigging / Zed Bennett, Sean Kealey

Music, Sound Design / Q Department