Lynda Weinman on education

There’s this divide right now between formal education — not so much in higher ed, but much more in K-12 — where we’re still very much in this old industrial model of, you know, bells ringing. You’re going to study this from this hour to that hour. Everyone will be graded the same. Everyone is supposed to cover exactly the same information.

I think we’re moving into an age where — my hope for it — is that there’s far more open-endedness and fostering of critical thinking skills and being able to be self-directed, being able to collaborate with other people, being able to communicate really well. 

I think there are a lot of social and soft skills that have nothing to do with a specific discipline that don’t get really get passed on easily through this multiple-choice test-mania that we’ve been in for the last couple decades. 

I see the fact that information is abundant — it’s a huge paradigm shift. That you’re not expecting your teacher to know everything anymore. It’s kind of on you to know that everything’s out there. So how do you get good research skills? And how do you navigate? How do you curate your own education, to a degree?