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Launched in 2006, Motionographer is a leading authority in the field of motion design.

Through articles, interviews and a curated feed of inspiring work, Motionographer has helped define the intersecting spaces of design, animation and storytelling for millions of visitors.

Motionographer is a place where people come from all kinds of industries to keep up with motion design. It's part news site, part education portal. Justin Cone has become an industry taste maker for his community efforts.

Rachel Nabors / Author of "Communicating Animation" and creator of Web Animation Weekly

If you asked every motion designer on the planet to rank their professional goals, "making it onto Motionographer" would absolutely be in the top three.

It's as close to an institution as it gets in this industry.

Joey Korenman / Founder, School of Motion

The Motionographer story

A mini-documentary produced by (2016)

Motionographer's success has involved the love and labor of dozens of people.

As creator of the site and editor-in-chief, I oversaw its birth and maintenance, while my partner Carlos El Asmar ensured Motionographer's survival in spite of a rapidly shifting media landscape.

Every creator aspires to have their work go viral, but they tend to be equally satisfied when their videos get the high honor of a Motionographer seal of approval.

Karen Raz, Founder of Raz PR

What I've learned

No single project has taught me as much as Motionographer. Some of the highlights:

  • how to build a brand around an ethos of community development
  • when to delegate or collaborate — and when to grab the reins
  • how to leverage the compounding value of consistency and commitment over a long stretch of time (a.k.a. "grit")

That barely scratches the surface. I could talk for hours about Motionographer (oh dear, I have!) and everything it has taught me.

Motionographer has been a lighthouse in the fog of online chatter.

There’s no comparable platform that highlights the great work being done today. It matters a great deal to the industry — it connects artists, studios and ideas in ways that wouldn’t happen without this central locus of intersection between design, art and the industry.

Bobby Ushiro / Motion designer and art director

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